Large Hedge Apple or Bois d'arc Candle

Large Hedge Apple Candle
Large Hedge Apple Candle
Item# BOL

Product Description

The Hedge Apple Candle or Bois d'arc - colloquially Bodock- from our Botanical Series, is inspired by the fruit of the trees that form the century-old allee and hedgerows at Hedge Farm, the location of our chandlery. Generations of children have been fascinated by the fruits of these thorny and gnarly trees, and have passed many fall afternoons using the lumpy, yellow-green hedge apples or "horse apples" as part of their games. We think this candle will bring back fond memories for many of you, and provide a unique, nature-inspired ornament for your home. This candle is scented with our own fruity fragrance with hints of pomegranate, and this large size has a burn time of at least 60 hours.